As written on the Umbra website:

"Umbra is about original design, 36 years worth of innovation, of finding simple, thoughtful solutions that respond to everyday challenges, and providing pleasure from the objects that accessorize our lives.

Umbra is launching a video series created by videographer Andy Lo, which introduces a handful of its designers speaking about their backgrounds, what original design means to them and why they believe Umbra designs resonate with its consumers."

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Matt Carr is VP Design at Umbra. He believes that original design is the heart of our business. It's ingrained in our culture, whether in design, finance or production. It's how we maintain the stability of our company and develop long-lasting relationships with our customers. It's exciting to contribute design that creates ever-changing living experiences.
Laura Carwardine is a Product + CMF Designer at Umbra. She belives that what people put in their homes is representative of who they are. We all enjoy curating the space we live in-it's a way to connect with ourselves.
Sungwook Park is a Design Lead at Umbra. He belives it takes constant observation, discipline and talent to engineer a perfect balance of style, simplicity, quality, and value. Each new product has to tell a story and build a relationship with the consumer. Its ingenuity and performance should reveal the product's unique design.
Wesley Chau is a Product Designer at Umbra. Offering ease of experience, new behaviours and non-traditional approaches to accomplish a task, are the elements that make original design imperative to Umbra. The Umbra customer expects a clever yet well-made, on-trend yet timeless aesthetic, and above all, a functional product at an affordable price.