As written on the Umbra website:

"Umbra is about original design, 36 years worth of innovation, of finding simple, thoughtful solutions that respond to everyday challenges, and providing pleasure from the objects that accessorize our lives.

Umbra is launching a video series created by videographer Andy Lo, which introduces a handful of its designers speaking about their backgrounds, what original design means to them and why they believe Umbra designs resonate with its consumers."

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Adrienna Matzeg came to the Umbra Studio as a textile and surface designer with a background in both analog and digital processes. To her the Umbra Studio is a great place to explore her creativity by working with a diverse group of designers.
David Green had a fine arts background before focusing on Industrial Design. To him, design is exciting, "it's about seeing the world in new ways and re-imaging the objects around us." David's story is about finding inspiration all around him from a quiet coffee shop to a day at the beach with his boys.
Designer Eugénie de Loynes was born in France, but spent much of her childhood abroad in Reunion Island and Japan. She credits this to her curiosity about the spaces and objects around that surround her. To Eugénie, design is about making connections with people and she makes a point of connecting to the past by studying historical objects and how they were made.
Edward Lee has always had a love of "hands on creative experiences". His interest in Industrial Design comes of a love of cars and sees the objects around us much like you would look at car design. To Edward, "the objects around us teach so much about the people in society...they are snapshots in time into the way people live."