#THIRSTEASE The Exhibit Issue 3

Camera: Billy Chan (@billyvisuals)

Edited by Andy Old
Music by Bryson Tiller "Set It Off" (Instrumental by SnX)



Let's get the facts straight. The purpose of this ‘Supreme Dunk SB’ display is NOT to flex for attention...
We simply want to present everyone with a real life experience of a 'what if' scenario of how hyped and highly desired sneakers would look like sitting on shelves. The sneaker culture has evolved from camp outs to online bots and in-store raffles resulting in highly sought after releases selling out within minutes and never seeing light on store shelves.

What you see is a collection of 72 pairs of ‘Supreme dunk SB lows’ that took a lot of time and patience to amass. We chose Supreme dunks as a form of expression because its not something that can be easily purchased on the market today and the brand ‘Supreme’ resonates deeply in every kid and adult immersed in this culture.

Across from the ‘Supreme Dunk SB’ display is the third and final instalment of the ‘#THIRSTEASE’ illustrations. And of course in our annual fashion, it is only right to pair each piece with the actual sneaker classics we all once or still salivate for. It was 2 years ago, over a slightly intoxicated conversation at a bar, Andy had a ‘what if’ moment. The years leading up to that point, he always wanted to contribute to this culture in a creative manner. 
So he asked,

“What if I conceptualized that ‘thirst’ of always needing that latest drop in some sort of illustration analogy...and housed it in an exhibit?”

The answer to that question turned out to be this annual celebration of this sneaker culture that you are invited to tonight. A celebration that also serves as a reminder of why we are so passionately in love with this culture. If you have been riding with us since it’s debut, you will always have our everlasting gratitude. If this is your first time, you are about to be embraced by a fraction of what our typical sneaker conversation sounds, or in this case, looks like.

Thank you for all the support and being a part of this memorable night.

Special thanks goes to ‘Capsule’ for providing us with the space necessary to share and execute our vision to the world.

Andy Old & Netmagnetism


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