An idea I thought of while driving to work one morning as I was listening to Noah 40 Shebib's older productions and recalling how refreshing it was to hear the unique sound he brought to the city back in 08, 09ish. Eventually it became a signature that birthed some of the unforgettable tracks on a mixtape classic as most of us know as So Far Gone. I feel like not a lot of producers' career-changing contributions get a lot of credit, which inspired me to create a manga-inspired illustration to celebrate the finest producers who can be heard at the front but always, if not, mostly or only hidden behind the scenes. The series is called TROPHIES. Why? Well just like how @champagnepapi once rapped on a hook,

"...They don't have no award for that."

I mean let's be real, how often do you see these people on stage accepting any recognition?