Dirty Gentlemen presents: The WORK IS HOW series
Video directed by Andy Old
Music by The Ghost Tapes

To boil Dirty Gentlemen down to its essence, it comes down to the three words; "Work is How". At Dirty Gentlemen we believe the process is more important than the product. We believe respect is acquired by proving one's perseverance and willingness in all forms of work and work environments. No one is born a gentleman. You need to get your hands dirty before you learn how to present yourself in a respectful manner.

Currently holding a Bachelor of Applied Science & Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Engineering in Innovation & Design from McMaster University, Andrew Forde is a well calculated gentleman to say the least. However with The Ghost Tapes, he believes in using music and emotions to connect those lost in the blur of physical states to a higher spiritual level. During this process, the "ghost" perspective is seen through the reappearing and vanishing of memories people involuntarily hold in their consciousness. That said, Forde is on a mission to help listeners to navigate back to emotions that have been lost in translation and hopefully provide them with a form of emotional closure. Find out how he confronts with his own subconscious "ghosts", why he continues to search for human elements in art and how a forward-moving attitude brings constant progression.

Toronto West Sound
Toronto, Ontario