Produced by Dirty Gentlemen™
Directed and edited by Andy Old
Photographs by Lee Po Yee
Music by Andy Old

From the WORK IS HOW web series.

To boil Dirty Gentlemen™ down to its essence, it comes down to the three words; "Work is How". At Dirty Gentlemen™ we believe the process is more important than the product. We believe respect is acquired by proving one's perseverance and willingness in all forms of work and work environments. No one is born a gentleman. You need to get your hands dirty before you learn how to present yourself in a respectful manner.

Touring musician, sound engineer, producer, it is evidently clear Derrick Sepnio is capable of wearing many different hats. He started playing music at the curious age of 15 and the grind was uphill from there. Soon after graduating from high school, he landed himself an intern position that allowed him to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the Toronto music scene. Now days, he is busy being the partner-in-crime of Hong Kong based R&B/Soul artist Khalil Fong (This Love, Back To Wonderland, Dangerous World). Together they manage a music production house based out in Hong Kong, pushing out many of the city's favourite tunes. Find out why and how Derrick lives and breathes through music and what drives his passion in the industry.

New Territory, Hong Kong

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