Dirty Gentlemen presents: The WORK IS HOW series

Video directed by Andy Old
Music by Andy Old
Special thanks: Adrian Chan

To boil Dirty Gentlemen down to its essence, it comes down to the three words; "Work is How". At Dirty Gentlemen we believe the process is more important than the product. We believe respect is acquired by proving one's perseverance and willingness in all forms of work and work environments. No one is born a gentleman. You need to get your hands dirty before you learn how to present yourself in a respectful manner.

Independent designer, Eric Mok, finds inspirations in many diverse corners of life. Whether they come from people, objects or music, Eric never fails to acquire the right languages to translate his graphic designs. From both freelance and agency experience, he has mastered the art of balancing creativity with business and it has assisted him in propelling his continued success as an independent designer. In this video, we talk about how transparency brings respect, importance of articulating one's own concepts, and problem solving with visual creativity. 

Dan Leckie Way, Toronto.


instagram: dirtygentlemen