Produced by Dirty Gentlemen™
Directed and edited by Andy Old
Music by Andy Old

From the WORK IS HOW web series

To boil Dirty Gentlemen down to its essence, it comes down to the three words; "Work is How". At Dirty Gentlemen we believe the process is more important than the product. We believe respect is acquired by proving one's perseverance and willingness in all forms of work and work environments. No one is born a gentleman. You need to get your hands dirty before you learn how to present yourself in a respectful manner.

Since his adolescent years in Toronto, being a singer was always just a dream. Jason never tried to chase dreams, rather he saw it as pursuing an ideal. By his definition, an ideal brings practicality, motivation and aspirations together. With that formula, he eventually got himself a recording deal in Hong Kong 9 years ago and still singing strong til this day. In hind sight, he laughs at the young timid Jason that first stepped into the industry who always tried to be at his best behavior. Now, he realizes that the importance of allowing his audience to understand his true self when he is off stage. Charisma should be found in it's truest form rather than presented by another artificially packaged persona. Watch how we capture an exclusive side of Jason Chan and how he justifies his beliefs as a public figure in Hong Kong.

Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

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