Dirty Gentlemen presents: The WORK IS HOW series
Directed and edited by Andy Old
Music by Andy Old
Additional piano: Phil Lam
Special thanks: Leslie Ho (Sony Music Hong Kong) (Rest In Peace)

To boil Dirty Gentlemen down to its essence, it comes down to the three words; "Work is How". At Dirty Gentlemen we believe the process is more important than the product. We believe respect is acquired by proving one's perseverance and willingness in all forms of work and work environments. No one is born a gentleman. You need to get your hands dirty before you learn how to present yourself in a respectful manner.

For singer/song-writer Phil Lam, nothing weighs heavier than the importance of following his music passion. It was a few years ago the Vancouver Island native decided to pursue his music career in Hong Kong after garnering the attention of a handful of record labels from winning an international Asian singing competition. Now he is very active in the local Hong Kong music scene and has secured his spot in the Sony Music Hong Kong roster. In this interview, we touch on his on-going pursuit of balance between life and music, his values that fuel him as an artist, and how his passion elevated him above the lowest moments of his music career. 

Kowloon, Hong Kong

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